Wooden cribs, angel and cross, all is carved from wood. They want to become an eye pleasing for anyone whom you love.

This webside is primarily exhibition of my work. Each of my produce is an original, so I am not as manufacture in producing  statuettes of templates. Into my sculptures, I reflect my actual mood and some kind of personal story. I amworking on my own, so please note the time of manufacture, whichislistedforeachproduct. Thewoodis a wonderfulmaterial, therefore, I prefer to leavemy products in the most natural form, to pointoutthecolor and textureofwood. I work with linden wood which has perfect softness and strength.

I hope, that  also you will find on this pages a statuette which makes your home decorated and fragrant.

Yours, Hanka Micková

The Crib

Real wooden crib, which makes a beautiful Christmas athmosphere inside your homes.

It is snowing outside, you can feel a smell of vanilla rolls from the oven and a grandpa is carving last little lamb from wood. His grandchidlren are playing with wooden figurines by his legs. The shepherd, the joiner and some granny with a goat are all running against the Crib… Let’s acquire a real wooden Crib, which will be passed on from generation to generation, or give someone close as a present. Or you can start slowly and acquire one another figurines every year.

  • Basic set of 10 figurines: a little Jesus, Joseph, Maria, three kings – Caspar, Melchior and Balthasar, a little donkey, a cow, and two lambs. Price: 2800 CZK
  • Another figurines according to your wishes: a musician, a baker, a joiner, a granny with a lamb, a boy with a fish, a camel, a ram, a dog, a goat, trees, clinkers, a guidepost, a well, etc. Price: 180 – 420 CZK
  • The basic trinity: a little Jesus, Joseph and Maria Cena: XY CZK
  • A little cottage – possible to buy separately: Price: 650 CZK (the small one) / 950 CZK (the big one)
  • execution – natural, eventually stained
  • size of figurines – 15 cm

Wooden crosses

Ancient symbols, acquiring many forms and meanings.

In old times there was a wooden cross in every czech ancient parlor. But it has slowly disapeared from our homes, as well as faith and traditions. A cross is one of the oldest and the most famous symbols which is used by many religions except of Christianity.

  • Occasion: even today is a cross used as a protection or a decoration in appartments or cottages
  • Various versions: a klassic cross with natural ornaments, a Celtic cross or a Nile cross
  • The size: as you wish, according to our agreement
  • A note: I don’t make crosses with the crucified Jesus
  • The price: from 440 CZK

Carved chess

Let’s play the royal game in a way that was centuries ago.

Each player will appreciate true medieval chess. You’ll dazzle your playmates and friends with wooden statuettes. They deffinitely  won’t be closed in the box. Several sets of chess has already become a remarcable decoration in some homes.

  • The occasion: everywhere and everytime
  • Various versions: I can make various types of your chess, f.e. Egyptian, Antique, fantasy,…
  • The size: 15 cm
  • A production time: aprox. 1 month
  • A note: a playing board is possible to make according to our agreement
  • The price: 10.000 CZK (it’s individual)


From ruins of church, we bring you an angel…

Angels are definitely connected with Christmas season. Statuettes of angels definitely do not have to decorate just a Christmas tree. I often make angels for people who want them as a protection for their closest. Parents give angels to their children, grandparents to their grandchildren. A guardian angel is a nice gift at christening or birth of a child. And a personal guardian angel is a nice gift for you as well…

  • The occasion: Christmas, christening, birth of a child and so on..
  • Various versions: natural or stained
  • A note: each angel has its own expression according to time in which was produced
  • The size: as you wish, according to our agreement
  • The price 250 – 650 CZK


An ancient symbol of Christianity and motherhood

The motive of the Madonna with Child speaks to the human heart for millenia. The Madonna (my lady) has inspired many and many artists. She is the guardian of homes, chapels, churches, temples and galeries. For me the Madonna is primarily a loving mother and also the memory of my first big statue. (link – my first Madonna)

  • Various versions: a copy of the Madonna of Lourdes, the Madonna of Paris, etc.
  • The size: as you wish, according to our agreement
  • A production time: aprox. 1 month
  • The price: individual

Patrons and saints statues

Nepomuk, St. Florian and Barbora

In times, which are not that old, each town and handicraft had its own patron.  St. Florian watched over firefighters, St. Vitus watched over mushroom pickers and St. Peter watched over fishermen. Even today I carve for bespoke patrons for towns, associations or churches. I can make a statue on the basis of personal agreement, below  you can find a list of the most common ones.

  • Statues : St. Florian with a jug, St. Barbora with a tower, St. Jan Nepomucký with a cross, St. Kathrine with a wheel
  • The size: as you wish, according to our agreement
  • A production time: aprox. 1 month
  • The price: individual

Contracts for commision


  • an elephant for luck
  • picture frames
  • wooden bowls


  • a relief of St. Martin was created for a small town Očihov
  • a newspaper article


  • history
  • for me, it’s matter of the heart

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