Real wooden crib, which makes a beautiful Christmas athmosphere inside your homes.

It is snowing outside, you can feel a smell of vanilla rolls from the oven and a grandpa is carving last little lamb from wood. His grandchidlren are playing with wooden figurines by his legs. The shepherd, the joiner and some granny with a goat are all running against the Crib… Let’s acquire a real wooden Crib, which will be passed on from generation to generation, or give someone close as a present. Or you can start slowly and acquire one another figurines every year.

  • Basic set of 10 figurines: a little Jesus, Joseph, Maria, three kings – Caspar, Melchior and Balthasar, a little donkey, a cow, and two lambs.                                                   Price: 2800 CZK
  • Another figurines according to your wishes: a musician, a baker, a joiner, a granny with a lamb, a boy with a fish, a camel, a ram, a dog, a goat, trees, clinkers, a guidepost, a well, etc.

Price: 180 – 420 CZK

  • The basic trinity: a little Jesus, Joseph and Maria

Price: XY CZK

  • A little cottage – possible to buy separately:

Price: 650 CZK (the small one) / 950 CZK (the big one)

  • The performance – natural, eventually “pickled” (tady si nejsem jistá překladem domořit)
  • The size of figurines – 15 cm